1. Natali ( :

    Usually, it takes up to a week. You may want to contact their support if it takes longer than that. Please note that they won't approve your account if you are using the author name, e-mail or other info that is already used by another author account. You should receive an appropriate notification from them in this case.

  2. Larry :

    Before you can even upload any products, you have to create a company profile and I'm not sure how long it takes to get an approval for the company. I've been waiting over five days now. I wonder how long it takes to have products uploaded?

  3. Jenny :

    Hi, My name is Jenny. I am an Associate Partner Manager for CNET Downloads. Do you have your ticket number? If you pass this along, we can get this take care of as soon as possible. Thanks, Jenny

  4. chitra :

    I created account and still waiting for dev account activation. As per their email, the processing time is 1 business day but it has been more 1 week still i didnot get any response from them. Sent few emails through contact form. But no response.

  5. cookiedoh :

    should i leave the download on my site for a while so that google recognises that i'm the originator of the file and doesn't mark my site as hosting duplicate content?

  6. Natali ( :

    Normally they process submissions in 2 or more weeks.

  7. mohamad :

    I created a free-account with cnet 10 days ago, and I still don't have yet my product listed. They keep pushing the tentative processing date. very frustrating!