1. Anthony :

    Softpedia is GREAT!

  2. asim ahmed : is a very most popular get the latest software from this site

  3. Stefan Fintea :

    For any questions or requests, please use the feedback form: We'll do our best to reply within one working day Thank you! Stefan Fintea / Softpedia

  4. zion :

    I just submitted a DMCA complaint to Google because they added our software without permission and refused to remove it. Beware of Softpedia, Romania is well known for piracy and for crimes of every kind in internet. This is just a bunch of thieves that deserve a less.

  5. Daniel-Dane :

    Yes. Many of the sites on this list (only tried the first page) seem to NOT reply. Some add the file, others don't.

  6. angelina :

    send a lot of messages,but they don't reply