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What is this database for?

This database contains download sites and some other on-line resources where you can submit information about your software so that it can be reviewed and published.

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Who created this database?

This database is brought to you by the, a popular software submission service.

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How up to date and accurate is the information?

Usually the database is updated every 2 weeks. This database is used every day by a large community of software vendors and several commercial software promotion providers. This makes it one of the most accurate and up-to-date sources of information about download sites available anywhere.

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Who can use this database?

This database has been set up to help software vendors promote their software products on the Internet. It also allows download site operators to provide information about their sites.

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How can this database help me?

As a software vendor, you will be interested in promoting your product on the Internet. Download sites and other on-line resources where you can publish your product help you to get more users of your software.

The first and almost immediate benefit of submitting your product to the sites from this database is getting "direct" downloads. If download site visitors are interested in a product that you produce, they will download it. Some of the sites from this database may bring hundreds of thousands downloads per week while others only have up to a hundred visitors per day total.

The most important benefit is the SEO effect. By increasing the number of publications related to your product, you increase your own site's positions in Google and other search engines for specific search phrases.

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What happens if I submit my product to the download sites and they get higher in the Google search results than my own site?

A product listing page on a download site should not occupy a higher slot in the search results than your own site. However, there are two cases in which it can:

First, when your own site is built on a brand new domain and it has no PR (page rank) or its PR is below 4 which is a normal PR for an average software product site (5 is a good PR, 6 is excellent).

The second case is when your own site is not so new. This usually means that there are issues with your site. There can be a plenty of reasons for this and, in these cases, you may want to consult a good SEO specialist as soon as possible.

Normally, the more publications you get, the higher your own site appears in the search results. Download sites listings in the search results work too. They increase the total number of slots in the search results that point to your product. Remember that those searching do not always click the first link automatically.

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How many sites should I submit my product to?

The more the better. There is no need to pick only a few sites when you can submit all your products to many hundreds of these sites automatically and for free.

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Is there a way to submit my product to all these sites automatically?

Download this tool. It allows you to create a free 30-day account in this database. During the 30 days, you are free to submit all your products to all the sites from this database. There are no limitations. The only requirement: you can only submit your own products and you should not spam download sites with anything other than software products.

Please note that the results of your submission may differ completely depending on how well your PAD file is prepared and there are lots of other possible issues as well. If you are new to this, it is recommended that you try a software submission service instead. They will make sure that you get maximum results from your submission.

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How many resulting publications should I expect after submitting my product to all the applicable sites from this database?

It is up to the download site operator whether to publish your product or not. 25% is considered to be good success rate. If you do everything correctly, you can expect to have 250 publications total.

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Are there any recommendations on how to prepare for submission?

Here are some important Dos and Don'ts:

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